Cloud Computing

We invest in promising ventures through Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).


Real Estate

Real estate continues to be a mainstay in diverse investment portfolios and we drive significant returns from residential, commercial, and industrial properties.



Our investments in this sector encompass distribution networks, transport companies, and innovative logistics tech startups.


Artificial Intelligence

We target companies that are pioneering AI applications in everything from predictive analytics to autonomous vehicles.


Stocks and Crytocurrency

We also hold a diversified portfolio in both traditional and modern asset classes.


Defensive Investments

In order to ensure stability and security, we also focus on low-volatility sectors that provide steady returns and help mitigate risk.


The Blueprint of Success: Our Investment Methodology

We actively screen over 100,000 shares, fixed-income securities and funds. These are grouped into asset classes where relevant indices are identified.
We review mean returns, standard deviation measures, drawdowns, etc. A Highly quantitative process and the basis for CFL analysis
Guided by analysis at stage two, opinions and views are expressed in asset allocation. This is Based on macro-economic analysis, geo-politics, trends, themes, demographics, etc.
We refer to industry benchmarks, risk profile outputs and amend accordingly. Thus moving from conceptual to practical, real world application.